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Business Blogging To Drive Traffic & Sales

We all know what Blogging is all about, and we see people calling themselves bloggers and the likes. But yet Blogging has remained one of the most underestimated ways of driving to traffic to your site (company’s page) by digital marketers. I don’t know why that is, but I will assume that they would rather use that effort to drive traffic to their main website where the sales goes on, than to drive them to a blog which is basically a medium to get to the main ‘sales site’ Blogging for business goes basically the same way as personal blogging,… Read More

How To Build Trust Among Your Social Media Followers

It is very simple to post information on social media. Everyone can pass information through the internet including their online businesses, but the question is; are your followers interested in your information? Do they even trust your information? This issue is raised because nowadays, the internet is occupied by scammers and users are aware therefore do not want to be victims of any scam. One major thing you will want; is your customers to trust you, acknowledge that your source of information is reliable and trustworthy. But how will you go about this?  Building trust can be done in many… Read More