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We all know what Blogging is all about, and we see people calling themselves bloggers and the likes. But yet Blogging has remained one of the most underestimated ways of driving to traffic to your site (company’s page) by digital marketers.

I don’t know why that is, but I will assume that they would rather use that effort to drive traffic to their main website where the sales goes on, than to drive them to a blog which is basically a medium to get to the main ‘sales site’

Blogging for business goes basically the same way as personal blogging, but with different goals, which is to improve your SEO, be seen as an authority in your niche using strategic content, drive sales, generate leads and have a loyal relationship with individuals who also become prospective customers

Basically a blog offers you the chance for your target audience to see what your business is all about, share your values with them and get insights into your company culture. One company blog that always gets me going is Cregital, Evans works his TA to the point that when I think of any creative agency, Cregital comes to mind. Another business blog that has carved a niche for themselves in the travel sector is the Travelstart blog, Uber Nigeria is doing quite an awesome job also. Their content offers real value to their TA without sounding ‘salesy’ even though that is the underlying strategy for their content.

So what’s the best way to blog as a business?

No 1, create a strategy and a plan

What do you want to achieve from your blogging platform, traffic,leads, sales or long term relationship? Whatever your goal is, ensure it is SMART, then craft a content calendar that will help you achieve your objective.

No 2 is to ensure your blog is an information hub about the happenings in your industry and provide real time value to your TA.

In all of these, ensure your content strategy is aimed at driving traffic to your ‘sales’ site and trying to convert them to leads. You do not want to leave money on the table after your TA finish reading and liking your content.

Always have a CTA as this will help in driving traffic and ensure that your CTA leads to direct sitelink that relates to what the blog post just spoke about so as not cause confusion. This will help with conversion.

No 3, use your business blog for storytelling

Your TA doesn’t want to read ’10 reasons to buy data from XYZ’ all the time. Sometimes after a hard day in this tough Nigerian economy, they want to read something that will relax their brain, this is were storytelling comes in. It’s not a sales pitch, the blog post has a character they can relate to, it speaks to their daily happenings.

These stories do not have to be real 100% of the time, but putting yourself in your TA shoes and writing content they cam relate to, sometimes personal, sometimes about company culture and things your boss do, is a straight win to their heart.

Evans of Cregital wrote a post about getting furnitures for the office when they started out, I felt like I belonged, I felt ‘oh wow’ this would be a nice place to work in.

Storytelling invokes feelings

No 4, keyword research, longer posts and frequency of posting helps with SEO.

Remember that your TA are looking for content that will create value for them and and search engines have a thing for content that provide value and have more words. Yoast SEO call those type of content ‘Cornerstone Content’

So do research your keywords using Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush so as to know what your TA is interested in reading about. Then tailor your content around this keywords, this will make your content easily findable by search engine and help drive traffic.

Knowing keywords to use doesn’t mean you should over flog your blog post with keywords. Google will find you and they will…. lool

Also be consistent, remember the more content you have, the better your ranking

No 5, Engage, Engage and Engage

The same way you engage (I hope) on social media platforms, you should engage on your business blogs. Always endeavor to answer every enquiry and comment on every comment and never ever lose the human touch.

Your blog won’t blow over time, but the loyalty, sales and leads you get with quality content and consistency will be worth it

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