Month: July 2020

Business Blogging To Drive Traffic & Sales

We all know what Blogging is all about, and we see people calling themselves bloggers and the likes. But yet Blogging has remained one of the most underestimated ways of driving to traffic to your site (company’s page) by digital marketers. I don’t know why that is, but I will assume that they would rather use that effort to drive traffic to their main website where the sales goes on, than to drive them to a blog which is basically a medium to get to the main ‘sales site’ Blogging for business goes basically the same way as personal blogging,… Read More

How To Build Trust Among Your Social Media Followers

It is very simple to post information on social media. Everyone can pass information through the internet including their online businesses, but the question is; are your followers interested in your information? Do they even trust your information? This issue is raised because nowadays, the internet is occupied by scammers and users are aware therefore do not want to be victims of any scam. One major thing you will want; is your customers to trust you, acknowledge that your source of information is reliable and trustworthy. But how will you go about this?  Building trust can be done in many… Read More

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ads

Promoting your business, product, service or brand on Facebook can be expensive. You’ll see reports of many advertisers spending hundreds or thousands of dollars every single day on Facebook Ads! These advertisers are literally giving Facebook their entire advertising budget for two reasons:  Facebook Ads work  It is relatively cheaper compared to other advertising platforms. Facebook Ads work so well that many companies have stopped advertising on other platforms and instead focus all their attention on Facebook. Now, these advertisers have got ad optimization down to a T. They spend fewer dollars per conversion than other platforms. And because of… Read More

Increasing Sales With A Strong Call To Action

#DidYouKnow Having a creative Call to Action (CTA) lets visitors to your page know what action to take and increases conversions?. So you post a picture, add a caption and then what? What action do you want them to take after seeing your post? For example,selling on Instagram may limit your use of CTAs since we do not have clickable links in posts … yet. However, we have the ‘link in bio’ right? So with Instagram, there are 3 ways to create a strong CTA that will help you convert easily. 1. Non-link call to action i.e You tell your audience… Read More

How To Schedule Posts For The Right Time

When it comes to driving traffic and building up a following on social media – especially when you’re talking about Instagram – you absolutely MUST schedule the posts that you publish right down to the day and minute that they go live or you could end up wasting a tremendous amount of time, effort, and valuable content without even realizing it. Sure, there are some people on social media that are able to enjoy a tremendous amount of success posting things willy-nilly to Instagram and other platforms. But these folks are lucky, and no successful business is built on the… Read More

The Magic Of Facebook Remarketing

Have you ever spoken to your Mum or Grandma and found that they are mystified by the way that the adverts they’ve seen online manage to be directly relevant to them? To show them things that they have been actively looking for? It’s not magic: it’s remarketing. And this is what makes it so powerful. Remarketing leaves cookies on computers, thereby allowing advertisers to identify people who have visited their pages before and thereby show them products that they are highly likely to be interested in. The best part about this, is that it lets you potentially market to people… Read More